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Boot Camp


Pass Boot Camp:

  • Has the knowledge to step up and hold people accountable.

  • Has the knowledge to avoid contention and negative project behavior.

  • Has been taught strategy.

  • Knows the basics of planning and scheduling a project.

  • Has a personal organization system.

Obtain Certification:

  • Has the skills to step up and hold people accountable.

  • Has the skills to avoid contention and negative project behavior.

  • Can control their project with operational excellence.

  • A safety champion.

  • Is disciplined with daily habits.

  • Can plan any project in pre-construction.

  • Has implemented lean on their project.

  • Completes all items daily that a disciplined Super must do.

  • Is an excellent builder.

  • Someone who holds their team accountable

Become a Certified Alpha!

Hunt as a Pack, Howl to be Heard, Be the Alpha!

Field Engineer

Boot Camp


Obtain Certification:

  • Can effectively manage quality within Field Engineering role.

  • Can effectively support safety within Field Engineering role.

  • Can produce a lift drawing for anything.

  • Can layout anything on site.

  • Has a balanced life between work and family.

  • Has a personal organization system they follow daily.

  • Has advanced aptitudes in being Humble, Hungry, & Smart.

  • Is a traditional Field Engineer.

  • Someone who holds their team accountable

Become A Certified Honey Badger!

Figure it Out, Enable the Craft, Be the Badger!

Pass Boot Camp:

  • Field Engineering fundamentals

  • The Field Engineering Methods Manual by Wes Crawford

  • Personal organization skills

  • Professional conduct

  • AutoCAD

  • Autodesk Revit

  • Lift drawing theory & creation

  • Layout & control


Boot Camp


Pass Boot Camp:

  • How to lead with emotional intelligence

  • Lean principles for Foremen

  • How to be a better leader at your core

  • What habits will lead to success, fulfillment, and more pay in your role

  • Personal organization

  • Life mastery

  • How to lead your team

Obtain Certification:

  • Effectively manage quality as a Foreman

  • Support safety in a remarkable way

  • Produce an accurate lift drawing for anything

  • Layout anything onsite

  • Balance work and home life

  • Maintain a personal organization system

  • Hold their team accountable

  • Lead with passion and enthusiasm

Become a Certified Shepherd!

Lead the team, Maintain Order, Be the Shepherd!


  • Prerequisite reading, videos, & Zoom calls

  • Development of a Personal Organization System & Daily Checklist


  • 4 Months of Facilitated Learning on their Projects in Groups


  • (2) 2-day Emersion Events Teaching Field Leadership, Personal Development, & Teamwork


  • A 6-month Certification Process to Implement as a Master Builder on their Projects

Training Your Organization

Start the process below by submitting your information. If you have a consulting topic you would like to request, please send an inquiry.

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