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Adam Hoots

has been instrumental not only in expanding the fable, but  also including concepts surrounding capacity and time buffers.  He actually edited portions of this book and expanded the concepts with his own writing.  In fact, he created many of the tracking metrics at the end.  Adam is a Lean practitioner working as a project executive and part-time consultant.  His passion is elevating the trades, and he certainly is doing that not only with his focus on capability and capacity, but also in his training, support, and influence in our industry. 

Felipe Engineer-Manriquez.png
Felipe Engineer-Manriquez 

a true Lean expert, trained Jason on Scrum  and elevated his understanding of the basics of Lean theory and management.  Felipe added content to the Scrum section for this book in addition to a general review.  He is an inspiration. He hosts a podcast, provides training, is writing and collaborating on multiple books, works as a full-time executive, and is an LCI Congress Team Scrum Master.  He is a friendly competitor who motivates us to go faster and do more.  If you want to know about anything Lean, and specifically about Scrum, you need to reach out to him.  He provided insightful and crucial feedback for our first edition, including the honest opinion that it “needs work.” This was both humbling and motivating and proved a driving impetus in prioritizing our second edition.  Felipe, you are an inspiration, and our desire to keep up with you is elevating us in ways we did not expect to achieve.

Hal Mancomber

a well-known Lean expert and highly respected  professional, has provided encouraging corrections on key Lean concepts such as clarifications on the river of waste and provided other industry resources such as IGLC articles about Takt that have elevated this work.  Hal, thank you for being a positive voice.  It means so much and you are fueling our progress.

Marco Binninger

the co-creator of, has quadrupled our understanding of Takt by sharing his experience and simulations. Both Marco and Janosch Dlouhy educated us for a number of months on Takt and their research findings.  Marco is especially well-versed in the three-level development of Takt plans and currently implements Takt at Weisenburger-Bau in Germany. He and Janosch have been on a Takt journey for over a decade and exclusively use Takt Planning and Takt Control as their construction management system for planning and control. There are too many concepts to mention that they have provided us.  Marco, we not only appreciate your time, but also your expertise, your kindness, and your willingness to scale up Takt as a gift to the construction industry.

Janosch dlouhy.jpg
Janosch Dlouhy 

is so wildly intelligent any description does not do his  brilliance justice.  Janosch currently works at BMW in the construction management arm of the company. This global arm is responsible for building their facilities around the world with Janosch as a leading world expert in Takt. At the end of 2021, he will be finishing his doctorate degree in Takt production in construction. He has a front row seat since BMW also uses Takt-time in their manufacturing processes.  He and Marco have contributed to this work by sharing the science, formulas, and full theory of Takt that they, along with others, have published through the IGLC that we have referenced in this second edition.  He has expanded our understanding of buffer management and the application of  Janosch, you are brilliant, and you have elevated our content by sharing your talents.

Fabien Font 

has been a Takt Planning practitioner since 2009 (through hundreds of construction projects) and a French Lean Construction Author.  Since 2018, he has been the CEO of a project management software company called Teamoty which provides support and an application for Takt planning.  Fabien and Julie Turriel have taught us specifically how to do a risk analysis ahead of finalizing the plan so there is proper buffer management in the system.  Fabien, thank you for sharing your work, providing feedback, and having a reasonably priced service with support for Takt planning.  You are making a difference.

Charlie Dunn.jpeg
Charlie Dunn 

read and reviewed the manuscript and offered advice to be  more supportive and loving in our approach with CPM.  He encouraged us to talk about details and data instead of approaching it from an emotional standpoint.  Charlie has been instrumental in connecting us to industry experts as well as bringing new approaches and technologies into our toolbelt.  He is an inspiration for prefabrication and is a true Lean professional.  Charlie, thank you for your continuous coaching.  You are like the dating service of Lean.  We imagine if you had a website it would be called, a website dedicated to connecting lone Lean learners together to collaborate and network together.  Your genius is in connecting industry professionals and scaling up information.  

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