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The Fun Morning Huddle

Do you want to start a lean culture? Consider starting with the morning huddle. Check out this agenda:

1. Begin the morning huddle timer with music

2. Open the meeting

3. Whoever was chosen yesterday, gets to run the meeting. Select tomorrows' leader

4. Whoever volunteered to share their 3s, gets to... Select tomorrows'

5. Get the energy high with a stretch

6. Review the meeting rules

7. Start out in a positive way

8. Consider doing the following:

..a quote for the day

..a word of the day

..a shout out for what we are grateful for

9. This is very important. Share a FastCap video to scale the kinds of ideas we are wanting

10. Teach about the 8 wastes

11. Review any department lean improvements

12. Review the secret sauce document for your company, department, or team

13. Remind everyone what our goal is

And you can add any other tactical items that need to be covered daily. But why not start? You can adjust as you go along. The purpose is to great proximity and to develop a social group with a continuous improvement culture. Why not start tomorrow? Reach out if you need help!

Here is a template you can use and modify:

Morning Huddle 2020
Download PPTX • 144.75MB

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