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The Construction Technology Handbook

Many thanks to Hugh Seaton for today's Blog post:

I’ve been there when four industries went through a digital transformation, and in each case there was a ground-level gap of understanding of the technologies involved. Most people will try things that will help them, but unless they understand how things work, they’ll doubt that new technologies are for them.

So I decided to write this book that goes from the very beginning of what technology is, and step by step takes the reader through software, field software, data and analytics, AI and more. The goal is to give folks an overview, demystify, define some of those terms that get thrown around like “API”, and even “Artificial Intelligence.” After reading the book, readers will have a working definition of these and many other terms and concepts, so they can start to make digital tools work for them.

In the end, we all win when field, office and everything in between is comfortable taking the best digital tools and pushing them to make construction a safer, faster and more productive industry.

Hugh Seaton

If you want to take your next step with construction technology, please check out this book:

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