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Start with Who & When!

Organizational health is a strategic decision, not just a good idea. The building of your team will do more for the success of the project than anything else you can do. So, first, get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.

It may sound simple and obvious, but every project should begin with a well-thought-out org chart. I like the one below because it has a horizontal and non-hierarchical feel. This is step number 1 in building your team. Who is doing what! Check out this podcast to learn more:

Here is an example of my preferred org chart:

Once we know who is doing what, we need the team to interact at the appropriate times. Developing a standard meeting cycle is the second step because people must meet to interact, communicate, and build connection. The guide below is very effective for larger construction projects. Check out this podcast to learn more:

Here is an example of the weekly meeting system:

Success comes from fundamentals. Please accept the challenge to create a remarkable org chart and weekly meeting cycle you can use to manage your project.



WeeklyMeetingPlan v2
Download PDF • 9.75MB

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