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Remarkable Field Operations

Do you want a strong Field Ops group in your organization? If so, where is the list? Where is the checklist for you to get started? Well, the wait is over. Check out the checklist below and get started on your journey with strong Field Operations:

First Step:

  • Align expectations of all field positions levels

  • Align pay structures

  • Align goal setting and performance reviews

  • Align incentive programs

  • Create a monthly Super meeting where top leaders are trained, and all leaders are trained

Second Step:

  • Create a field leadership group

  • Start Bi-monthly Craft training

  • Create a Craft progression program that allows Craft to learn in the field engineering role (builder) as they head toward becoming Supers

  • Focus field leadership around the following focuses:

    • Safety

    • Self-perform

    • Planning & Scheduling

    • Survey

    • Quality

Third Step:

  • Standardize all processes and systems

  • Deploy standardized signage

  • Brand and package safety program to align with new systems

  • Deploy Builder & Super Boot Camps

Fourth Step:

  • Designate General Superintendents

  • Have field representation on the leadership team

  • Implement a 2 second lean continuous improvement system

  • Begin a monthly field builder professional development effort

  • Create leads for Safety, Survey, Quality, Scheduling, and Self Perform

Whatever your approach is to strengthening your field operations, you will be benefited. Every business must focus on marketing, finances, legal, operations, and the product. Please remember what is built in the field is the product, and there must be product representation within your leadership.

If you have questions about how to get started, give us a call at 602.571.8987, or email us at

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