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Recommended Reading

We are always asked what books we recommend for builders in construction, so we figured we would post them here for you. Enjoy!

Priority 1:

  1. 2 Second Lean - Building a lean culture

  2. The 33 Strategies of War - Superintendent strategy

  3. How to Win Friends and Influence People - How to lead with influence

  4. Leadership & Self-deception - How to avoid getting angry and trapped by contentious situations

  5. Switch - How to implement change when change is hard

  6. The Courage to Be Disliked - Need your self worth to not rely on others? This book is for you

  7. The Power of Habit - Oh boy, this one has someone for everyone. Quality, addiction, habit loops. You must read this one if you are interested in personal change

  8. The One Thing - How to focus your leadership

  9. The Motive - How to be a great leader

  10. The Lean Builder - Last Planner System implementation on project site

  11. Never Split the Difference - Negotiation. All PMs need this one.

  12. Essentialism - How to live an essential life

Priority 2:

  1. Focal Point - How to focus your leadership for the best results

  2. The Culture Code - How to create cultures

  3. The Goal - How to create flow on your project. Every builder must read this one

  4. This Is Lean - The definition of flow & how it applies to lean

  5. The Go-giver - How to live a remarkable life

  6. The Toyota Way - Lean principles defined

  7. The Truth About Employee Engagement - How to create employee engagement

Priority 3:

  1. Death by Meeting - How to run effective meetings

  2. Silos, Politics, & Turf Wars - Creating urgency with your team

  3. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Creating a high performing team

  4. The Four Obsessions of An Extraordinary Executive - How to be a great executive

  5. The Ideal Team Player - How to be an ideal team player

  6. The Power of Moments - Marketing and creating culture

  7. The Power of Vulnerability - Vulnerability based leadership

Priority 4:

  1. Extreme Ownership - Leadership & accountability

  2. It’s Your Ship - Leading in dynamic ways

  3. Scaling Up Excellence - Quality

  4. The Art of War - Strategy

  5. The Leader Who Had No Title - Servant leadership

  6. The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up - Cleanliness & organization

  7. The New One Minute Manager - Personal organization

  8. The Speed of Trust - Building trust

Priority 5:

  1. Change Your Space, Change Your Culture - Creating dynamic spaces for dynamic cultures

  2. First, Break All the Rules - Being a Manager

  3. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living - Stress-free living

  4. Lean thinking - Principles of lean

  5. The Advantage - Creating a health organization

  6. The Captain Class - Leadership

  7. Working with Difficult People - Managing difficult people

What books would you add?


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