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Quality as Management

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Quality doesn't have to be just a process, it can be a management tool instrumental in running your project.

The old way:

Quality is simply a process that is used sometimes when needed.

The new way:

Quality is the process of managing your project.

Here are the steps to implement:

  1. Establish a quality process

  1. Turn this process into a point of release chart in your team meeting agenda

  1. Make this a focus in your team meeting

    1. Team Meeting Agenda:

      1. Positive Shout-outs

      2. Lightning Round

      3. Team Coverage & PTO

      4. Safety

      5. Quality Point of Release - 30 Minutes - Each scopes coming up would enter the point of release table and continually work through the process based on successfully completing each step.

Don't let quality problems run rampant through the project because quality is a secondary and sometimes forgotten process on your project. Don't let quality frustrate you and your Owner. You deserve a more remarkable experience. Expect more. If you implement this process on your project, it will make quality one of the main focuses of the team, and that focus and oversight will ensure all crews and former know what they are building, what is expected, and how to do it in a quality manner. Reach out to us if you want your team rallied behind quality with standard and sustainable systems.


Jason QC Process v3
Download PDF • 518KB

Point of Release Table
Download PDF • 61KB

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