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Design Your Trailer First

The design of your office space should be one of the first considerations. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Does the workspace foster engagement?

  2. Does the space create visual management where the team can solve problems together?

  3. Are signs intentionally placed to support scheduling, safety, and quality systems?

  4. Does your trailer have the following items?

  • Remarkable conference rooms

  • A reception area

  • A permitting wall

  • A family wall showing pictures of the team and family

  • A right to know area

  • A virtual plan table and dashboard

  • Space for your trade partners to co-locate

  • A planning area for the last planner system

  • A dedicated orientation area

  • Lunchrooms for the workers

  • Bathrooms built for the workers

Does the trailer look, smell, and sound the way you want to create the culture you want?

Here is what you can do:

  1. Design your trailers first.

  2. Ask yourself how you want people to feel.

  3. Ask yourself what you want people to know.

  4. Ask yourself what interactions and engagement you want to take place naturally.

Ultimately, we all need four things to be successful:

  1. A place to work

  2. Tools & equipment

  3. Training

  4. The time to do our work

The companies and leaders that invest in their office spaces, will be better suited to create dynamic cultures, creative and engaging spaces, and teams that want to work at 100% capacity.

Superintendent Trailer Layout[1] PDF
Download PDF • 11.82MB

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