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Contractor Grading

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and that goes for construction projects as well! Are you grading the performance of all contractors onsite, including yourself? If not, bad behavior is likely stealing 10-20 hours of time from your family every week.

Here’s how the grading system works, if you want to stop babysitting:

  1. Decide on grading criteria that is not subjective-meaning that is fact based on and based on whether i like someone or not…

  2. Explain the grading system to all project leaders and get buy-in

  3. Begin by having trade partners grade you, as the GC first

  4. Then, begin grading all contractors onsite weekly

  5. Post all scores for everyone to see, especially the As and F players

  6. If you do this, you will see everyone rise to the occasion, and do their own work

  7. Grading criteria could be about cleanliness, attendance at meeting, daily reports, duration of time to correct safety issue, and anything important to operations.

Do you want less stress? Do you want more remarkable operations on your project? If so, its time to begin the grading system on your site.

Here is the download file:

Grading Sheet
Download XLSX • 12KB

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