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Being a good neighbor


In the world of construction, anyone can build a project, but only the best can do it while being considerate neighbors. In this blog post, we'll delve into the concept of being a good neighbor in construction, exploring the importance of treating everyone involved, from building owners to pedestrians, as customers. Join us as we discuss the steps to create a positive impact on the community and build lasting relationships.


Understanding the Concept of Customers in Lean Construction:

In lean thinking, the concept of customers extends beyond building owners to include neighbors, motorists, pedestrians, trade partners, vendors, and even oneself. The key is to provide the same level of service to all entities involved in the project. This includes understanding their perspectives, needs, and risks.


Changing Perspectives:

A crucial aspect of being a good neighbor is changing perspectives. Consider the scenario: What if your grandma lived on the corner affected by the construction? This shift in mindset opens up a world of considerations beyond the immediate needs of the project.


Basic Ways to Be a Good Neighbor:


  • Reduce Your Impact: Minimize disruption to the neighborhood.

  • Make It Easy for Neighbors: Facilitate a comfortable living environment for those next to the project.

  • Effective Wayfinding Signage: Ensure easy navigation around and through the construction site.

  • Communicate Regularly: Keep neighbors informed about project progress through signage, bulletins, notices, or newsletters.

  • Keep Neighbors Safe: Prioritize the safety of those in the vicinity.

  • Treat Their Stuff Like Yours: Respect the property of neighbors as if it were your own.



Being a good neighbor in construction goes beyond the project's immediate goals. It involves understanding and catering to the needs of everyone involved, from building owners to pedestrians. By adopting a customer-centric approach, construction projects can create positive relationships within the community and enhance the overall experience for everyone.

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