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Are You Asking the Right Questions?

So often we begin by just implementing what we have already done, or by doing what we are told to do. Well, are we asking the right questions with that? There is a reason we do everything, and what we do will only be as successful as it can be if it is aligned with our, "Why?" Please check the list below and determine if you are aligned with the the question of why on your project.

Your Scheduling System - Are you visualizing time & space?

Lean Systems - Does it encourage total participation?

Project Plan - Does it create flow for the project?

Roadblocks - Are we clearing the path?

Site Logistics Plan - Is the tool helping us maintain supply chains and clear access?

Procurement - Are we getting materials here on time, just in time, according to inventory buffers?

Quality - Do all workers on the crew know what is expected for quality and are they incentivized to do it?

Safety - Will everyone go home safety at the end of the day if I do this?

Project Trailer - Will this encourage us to be a team?

Commissioning Plan & Schedule - Will my plan show the complexity of this in a visual way?

Team meeting - Is the team getting better every week because of this meeting?

Planning & Procurement Meeting - Are we seeing into the future?

Trade Partner weekly Tactical - Are the foremen planning next week effectively?

Afternoon foremen huddle - is the next day planned successfully?

Morning worker huddle - Do all workers feel connected to us and bought in?

Crew preparation huddle - Are foremen investing in and training their people

Material deliveries - Are deliveries scheduled to get to the crews as scheduled

Cleanliness - Can everyone interact in an environment where they can see everything they need to see

Organization - Are things placed in a way that they do not slow others down by being in the way, or us down by causing treasure hunts?

Are people solving problems according to the vision of, "Why?"

If you do, your operations will be more remarkable!

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