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The Podcast

If you're new to The Elevate Construction Podcast, we have assembled a starter pack to get you off on the right track!

These hand-selected episodes are great for getting right into the heart of some of the biggest challenges builders face

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There is a key we have been missing in construction, and Paul Akers tells us what it is. How can we have total quality, total participation, and the kind of Lean culture Paul has at FastCap? Check out today's podcast to find out!

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Image by Ingo Stiller

In this episode we discuss the importance of authoritative leadership.

Clock Gears

In this podcast we talk about how to sustain remarkable results in your project.

Image by Sandy Millar

Ep. 35

Who Moved My Cheese?

In this podcast we talk about dealing with change and asking the question: "What would you do if you were not afraid?"


Ep. 7

The Leadership Role

In this podcast we discuss the need for staying within our proper roles, and leaders being in a position to support and prepare for the work of others. This podcast holds secrets that will make anyone successful in their leadership role.


In this podcast, we hear Jake and Jason as they discuss why it's important to have a culture of Incentive AND survival.


In this podcast I try to build rapport with you, the listener, by sharing information about me and my motives It is my hope that this episode helps us connect so we can further the cause of respect in construction!

Shaking Hands

This podcast will expand your vision of how to build trust and set you on a path to building your team, whatever your situation.

Couple Holding Hands

How does physical intimacy affect you in your career in construction? Well, directly, it doesn't. Indirectly, it does because we are better at work and in life if we are balanced and have healthy relationships. Check out today's discussion to learn about some remarkable concepts that will help you.


Do you want to lead like General Patton? Check out todays podcast on how to look the part, think like a military general, and be ready for war!

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