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We help individuals and companies take their next step. As part of your team, we help you assess the next critical move for your company and script the next moves to make massive progress. Our coaching, consulting, and training starts with the leaders and the organization. 

Elevate Construction IST LLC exists to improve the lives of all construction workers and managers in all positions everywhere. By scaling up excellence through podcasts, blogs, videos, in-person consulting, online and in-person training, in addition to large scale boot camps and events, Elevate Construction will provide needed training to a new generation of workers, foremen, field engineers, and superintendents. 


Training that creates a strategic advantage. Training that adds lasting value within teams and on-site. Training that prevents failed projects, crash landings, poorly run projects, unsafe conditions, and poor team health.

Our mission: To double the efficiency of construction by training the best lead builders the industry has seen before.

Why Do We Exist?

To guide individuals and companies to their next step

What Do We Do?

Coaching, Consulting, and Training for Construction Leaders and Companies

Our Approach?

Respect the individual, Train team leaders, and Preserve Families

Company History:

Jason Schroeder began work in construction at the age of 13. After testing out of high school early, he started working for Hensel Phelps as a Cement Mason in California. After 6 months he received an opportunity to work as a Rodman, then Field Engineer, and then Lead Field Engineer. Then, an opportunity arose to train field engineers for 7 years across the country.


During that time, he was able to create online training for field engineers, develop a website and survey software, and design and implement boot camps that completely changed the way training is done for field positions. Throughout his career working from FE Trainer, to Superintendent, Project Superintendent, General Superintendent, Field Operations Director, and Project Director, Jason has revolutionized field training for Field Engineers, Project Engineers, and Superintendents. In August of 2020, the decision was made to scale this training throughout the nation through Elevate Construction IST LLC. IST stands for Insights, Solutions, and Training.

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Core Values:

i.    Transparency – We believe in radical transparency in thoughts, actions, and information.  We teach it, practice it, and strive to be an open book.

ii.    Respect – We respect the individual.  We respect customers.  We believe that the best cultures are built on the foundation of, "Respect For People.”

iii.    Build People – People are our greatest gifts and assets in life and at work.  We build great people who do great things.

iv.    Do The Right Thing – When a decision is to be made, the question will be, “What is the right thing to do?”  You can count on us to follow that answer.

v.    Results Driven – Training, coaching, and consulting are only valuable when they produce results.  All our services and our value are based on not only our effort, but in the results we produce.

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